"Jennifer Hickey and Mike Louie have done something I never thought possible. Within 4 days, we have bought a house and then...more

What Our Clients Say

"Jenn was amazing in helping us find a new forever home when we moved back to Boise!!! She knew all the hoops to jump through and all of the ins and outs- andthanks to her we got a great deal and moved in before school started!! Jen is a rockstar!!"
Darcy Miles Gleave - Boise, Idaho
"Jen, Mike and Alex are true professionals. They always put their clients before themselves and work hard to make buying a home a truly wonderful process. You wont find better agents!! They will continue to grow and be successful because of the values that they live by. I would recommend anyone and everyone to them!!! You will be in good hands!!!!"
Nick Johnson - Boise, Idaho
"Jen and Mike are absolutely committed to every real estate transaction they are involved in. They go above and beyond for their clients and always make sure their client is getting the best deal! If your looking at buying or selling then give the Pros team a call!!"
Lori Gibbons Killin - Boise, Idaho
"My family has been going through an extremely difficult living situation. This has been going on for a year and a half. An employee of Boise Real Estate Pros brought our situation before Jenn and Mike. It was decided that Their company would sponser my family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This included food and gifts. My family literally had the best Christmas ever! Despite our difficulties, we were able to focus on the positive aspects of the holidays while Mike, Jenn, and their employee Lori continue to help my family find a safe, peaceful place to live. We are so thankful for the support of the Boise Real Estate Pros. If you're looking to find a real estate company that truly cares and offers great customer service; I would highly recommend this company."
Brenda Ann Wann - Nampa, Idaho
"Jen and Mike are an excellent team! We have worked with them on real estate transactions for many years and can attest to their professionalism and expertise in their field. I highly recommend their services to anyone that's in the market to buy or sell a home."
Alison McCall - Boise, Idaho
"Let me say, Jennifer Eighmy Hickey and Mike Louie have done something I never thought possible. With in 4 days, we have bought a house and then turned around and sold one prior to it even being put on the market. The amount of time and effort they put in for their clients is amazing, and I couldn't be happier with the results! Thanks to them we'll be starting a new chapter of our lives soon."
Dorene Heim - Caldwell, Idaho
"I've seen Mike and Jennifer work. They always make sure you are completely satisfied. I would definitely recommend them to anybody!"
Jeremy Crumb - Boise, Idaho
"This is a really good company to use to either sell your house or to buy a new one. I really like there work ethic and how they put the client first. I also love how they have so many signs for the open houses, can't miss em."
Tina F Vilhauer - Boise, Idaho