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8 Ways to Make Moving Fun

The words “fun” and “moving” are rarely seen together. Most people associate moving with lots of stress, but with the right attitude, it can actually be a good time!

Boise Real Estate Pros Blog: 8 Ways to Make Moving Fun

Wondering how to make moving fun? Well, look no further. Here are eight ways to help make moving a more enjoyable experience:

  1. Listen to some tunes. Make a playlist for packing and unpacking. Music is a great stress reliever and can make many experiences more enjoyable. While packing, choose music that is upbeat and peppy, something you can really move to and keep you motivated. For unpacking, the music can be a little more relaxed, but don’t choose something that will put you to sleep.
  2. Make it simple. Any opportunity you have to make things easier on yourself, you should take advantage of. Our list of 30 Home Packing Hacks will definitely come in handy here.
  3. Have a packing/unpacking party. Supply the food and refreshments and ask those who are near and dear to you to come over and help you out.
  4. Set a goal and gift yourself for reaching it. For example, set a goal to have all of your living area boxes unpacked or packed in a week then treat yourself to a 60-minute massage for achieving your goal. For kids, treat them to a movie and ice cream night, or something fun like that, for having their rooms packed or unpacked within a certain time frame.
  5. Be silly. This can be especially helpful if you have children. Northstarmoving.com suggests you channel your inner Mary Poppins and speak in a British accent while you pack and unpack. Speaking in a funny accent or dancing as you put things away or just having some silly fun makes moving lots of fun.
  6. Spend the night in your new home, before your things are moved over. Enjoy the empty space and dream up how you want it to look when your stuff arrives. Having a plan ahead of time will make moving day easier. If you have kids, make it a campout of sorts. This can be a great adventure for the kids, and it will help them familiarize themselves with the house as well.
  7. Make a box fort. This is fun for the kids, or the kid in you. As boxes are emptied, add on to your fortress.
  8. Stay positive. Moving can be stressful, but it’s also exciting because you get a fresh new start. Not everything will go your way, but keeping a good attitude keeps moving fun.

At Boise Real Estate Pros, we are passionate about everything we do. If you are planning a move, working with Boise Real Estate Pros will make you laugh and even enjoy the process of buying or selling your home. We cannot wait to show you what customer service is all about!