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7 Reasons Why it is Better To Hire a Real Estate Agent Than to Try to Sell it Yourself

These days, many people want to try to increase their bottom line in their real estate sale by selling their home themselves instead of hiring a real estate agent. Sure, doing the work on your own can save you on the commission rates that many realtors ask for, however,  it actually could end up being just as costly – or even more expensive- in the long run to sell your home yourself. Here are 7 reasons why it is better to hire a real estate agent than to try to sell it yourself.



 1.Real Estate Agents Have Market Knowledge

A lot more goes into buying and selling real estate than one may think. How much do you really know about the current housing market? Real estate agents have access to information that others do not.  Equipped with the most recent market data, real estate agents can offer realistic advice on the best price to list your home. They can also give you reports of historic market data and a list of comparable homes to help you make sure that you get the most for your money.

2.  Real Estate Agents are Expert Negotiators

Handling negotiations is one of the more emotional and draining parts of the home buying or selling process. Real estate agents can negotiate terms from a third party stand point without emotions getting involved and help keep feathers from getting ruffled between you and prospective buyers or sellers. Staying objective during negotiations is important to getting the best deal and a real estate agent will help you to do just that. Also, they know how to get creative with offers so that you end up with a deal that has your best interest in mind.

3. Real Estate Agents Know How to Sell Homes

Sure you can sell a home by yourself, but do you really know all the ins and outs of the selling process? A real estate agent does. To quote Henry Ford, “When you hire people who are smarter than you are, it proves you are smarter than they are.” Prospective home buyers like to see professional photos and videos when looking at listings. A real estate agent knows how to stage and market your home in a way that is most appealing to the mass market, and they can get it advertised in more ways than you could on your own. If you are selling a home on your own, it is very difficult to coordinate showings and open houses with your busy work and life schedule. Your agent can be there for you if a request for a showing happens in the middle of the day while you are at work or otherwise engaged.

4. Real Estate Agents Have Access to More Real Estate Listings

Real estate agents will have the inside scoop on the most recent listings – sometimes having access to them before they even hit the MLS. Through their relationships in the industry, they are often able to assess a seller’s situation quickly in order to give you the best advice on how to move forward with negotiations

5. Real Estate Agents Can Help Negotiate Home Inspections

When you buy a new home it is important to have a home inspection done. A real estate agent can help you go through the inspection report left by the home inspector and help you decide which items are best to have fixed before closing. If you are on the selling side, your agent will give you guidance when your buyer comes back with their list of fix requests.

6. Real Estate Agents Know What to Do When Something Goes Wrong.

There are many things that can go wrong when you’re selling your home. Something in the house can break, an inspection might reveal problems, the appraisal is not going through.  An experienced real estate agent will know how to go through these problems and come out on the other side.

7. Real Estate Agents Know How to Handle the Closing Process

There is a lot of paperwork involved in the closing of a house. Having a real estate agent with you to explain each document before you sign will help you to be more at ease with the process.

Here at Boise Real Estate Pros we take pride in our work as real estate agents.  We focus on taking care of our clients, every step of the way through the real estate process.  he next time you are looking to buy or sell a home please feel free to contact us, we are here for you.