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7 Reasons Why Building Your Own Home is Your Best Bet in a Tight Real Estate Market

If you’re looking to move up to new, upgraded home in the Boise area you’ve probably found that it’s difficult to find the type of home that you’re looking for. And when you do find a home that might be a good fit, it often sells in just a few days, even before you can get to view it! In March of 2017, the amount of homes for sale in the Boise area was a historic low according to Boise Regional REALTORS, making it a tight real estate market for anyone wishing to buy.

“Building is a great choice for homeowners who are looking to move into a more upgraded home,” says Jennifer Hickey, Realtor with Boise Real Estate Pros.

The Shores, TradewindsAccording to Hickey, there are seven advantages to building your own home in a tight real estate market.

  1. You get what you want. First, you get to design the home exactly the way you want it to be from the outset. There’s no buying someone else’s layout, colors, landscaping, etc. You get to create the living space you want and need.
  2. No waiting on multiple offers: You don’t have to worry about finding your dream home to buy and then waiting on pins and needles while the owner wades through multiple offers. And no disappointment if your offer is not chosen.
  3. Appraisal is done at the beginning. When you build your own home, the appraisal is done up front which eliminates the possibility of losing funding because the appraisal came in too low towards the middle of the purchase.
  4. Peace of mind. When you build your own home, you will get a great home warranty from the builder, as well as warranties on all new appliances, HVAC systems, etc.
  5. Instant equity and value. When you build your new home, its value increases as you build it. In addition, in many cases, you’ll have instant equity at closing.
  6. Better for your health. Building your new home is better for your family’s health. Does a family member have allergies? You can use materials that are less sensitive to that person and/or install filtering systems for air and water that will help your family to be healthier.
  7. Save money in the long run. Because you’re building a new home with new energy-efficient HVAC and water systems you will save money on utilities. In addition, you will avoid problems like having to replace a water heater or air conditioning system for many years down the road. A newly built home will require less maintenance and fewer repairs than an older home.

The drawbacks to building a new home can be that it takes longer, and might cost more money up front. But for a discerning home buyer in a tight real estate market, building a new home can be your best bet for getting exactly the home that you need.

If you are thinking of building your next home, contact Jennifer Hickey and Mike Louie of Boise Real Estate Pros. They are new home construction experts, representing several top home builders in the Treasure Valley and will walk you through the process every step of the way.


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